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Life Model Design Cards & Quick Tips

Life Model Design Cards & Quick Tips

$ 29.95

Based on the Life Model Design methodology by Ayori Selassie, The Life Model Affirmation & Quick Tip Cards offers step-by-step instructions on learning and applying one of the enduring truths of Life Modeling—that design thinking drive commitment. Using the guide's innovative and time-tested activities, trainers, human resource professionals, and consultants can facilitate learning opportunities for executives, managers, and aspiring leaders who are committed to improving their leadership competencies.

As Selassie explains, the best leaders have a clear understanding of their intersectional values and vision across personal life, family and career. The Life Model Values Cards can help any experienced or aspiring leader to clarify these personal values, as well as to build stregnth in their vision that will guide them and their relationships in taking decisions and actions in all situations. Each of the Values Cards is pre-printed with key words such as growth, creativity, and contribution so that participants can more easily identify and record the values that are most meaningful to them. The Facilitators's Guide contains 7 dynamic activities: 2 introductory activities for values and vision, 2 Key Action & Goal Commitment Activities, and 3 Support Systems & Inspirations Activities. Facilitators will need to purchase a deck of the cards for each participant.

After the workshop or coaching session, the cards become a take-away for the participants—they can use their deck as a tool for reflection and as an aide for helping to clarify their Life Model with their own support systems. The cards can be used personally as triggers set around the home for reminders of your values and goals, to engage family members in the all-important conversations about the beliefs they'd like to live by or at work to foster deeper relationships with colleagues.